The Gardeners Guide to Growing. Hostas

David & Charles, Timber Press
Автор: Diana Grenfell.
The Gardener's Guide to Growing Hostas is both a full and wide-ranging study of the genus by one of the world's leading hosta growers and also a practical guide for gardeners and collectors. The book features a wealth of essential advice on cultivation, propagation and garden uses and an extensive A-Z plant directory listing over 400 cultivars and forms. Committed enthusiasts will enjoy the brief history of the hosta, the botany of the hosta and information about hosta collections all over the world including England, Scotland, France, the Netherlands and North America. Information on exhibiting and showing hostas completes the comprehensive and up-to-date account of the fascinating plant.
The book is illustrated with superbly detailed photographs and delightful, informative pencil drawings which are not only excellent aids to accurate identification but also an inspiration to all who want to grow and collect these lovely plants. The Gardener's Guide to Growing Hostas will delight hosta lovers, convert those unfamiliar with the genus and inspire a new generation of hosta growers.

"David & Charles", "Timber Press", 1996 - 160 с., ISBN:9780715304327

lwh: 250x190x16 mm

Weight: 690 g

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